Learning Poker and Life Lessons From the Game

Poker is a game that puts your analytical, mathematical and interpersonal skills to the test. It also indirectly teaches you life lessons that can have a positive impact in other areas of your life.

Decision making under uncertainty

A lot of poker involves calculating the odds of different scenarios based on the cards that are played. This is a great way to develop your math skills as well as your ability to make decisions under pressure and in unfamiliar situations.

Reading your opponents

A big part of playing poker is understanding your opponents and their tells. This means being able to read their body language, idiosyncrasies and betting behavior. A player that always calls but suddenly raises may be hiding a strong hand.

Raise to gain information

If you have a good hand but don’t need any more cards, raising can force players with drawing hands (that need more cards to make a winning hand) to fold and narrow the field. Alternatively, you can raise to bluff and hope to scare weaker players into calling your bets. By learning to read your opponents, you can make better decisions in the long run.